Riyan Berlian is an old good-friend of us. Living as a motion graphic designer, Riyan has the ability to see what others can’t see, he’s able to respond in any pictures, and he’s able to convert the inspirations he got from his visual catch.


Sensing the connected mind, we generate a collaboration through ASTRO.

Riyan Berlian is good at self-love. Him being him is all the blood, sweat and tears he’s ever been and he’s ever be. When he made it to Jakarta looking for some good luck, he braces himself to venture a journey in finding his true passion. Until, he discovered his talent as a creator, more specific, a motion graphic designer. When Chinatown Market landed their way to Indonesia, Riyan’s in lead as their motion graphic designer. They have created a machine gun, but it’s made for printing, not shooting. It’s a bootleg y’all. It was actually a big chunk in Riyan’s achievement throughout his career and we couldn’t stop flattering on him.

Color speaks power. Four main colors applied in Astro Dresden. Green represent the legendary Dresden diamond, also known as “Dresden Green”, is a 41 carats natural green diamond, which probably originated in the Kollur mine in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. The stone’s unique apple green color is due to natural exposure to radioactive materials, and perhaps it was the finest green diamond known to have a color of natural origin. P is for Pink, P is for patience, soulful, and handle with care, we know the beautiful green needs to be take care of seriously. Cream is fluid, and fluid is adaptable. And at last but not least, the 4th color represent the consistency through the process itself.


Wear Astro Dresden as if you wear Dresden Diamond, feel expensive.

“water be freezing like ice cube, Rihanna says shine bright like a diamond”-Riyan Berlian

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