Meet the man behind Noise, Abim. He’s one of the rappers from a hip hop collective based in Jakarta, ONAR. We’ve noticed that Noise is a multi-talented soul in which the talent itself walk alongside each other. Hence, we’re able to portray him as a musician, a director, a rapper, or anything people would like to call, and his passion in fashion.


We’ve asked him for a collaboration through ASTRO.


It turned out great! We couldn’t wait until the release date. He said, he’s feeling so content throughout the workshop as he figured out the process of the making of Hi Jack Sandals, while he’s having ASTRO as a canvas to his taste. Talking about taste, where did he got it? The answer is, he’s actually one, he’s him when he designed ONAR, he’s him when he designed his product, it’s only the matter of accumulated experiences and inspirations, which shaped his taste.

Abim said, he enjoys the process of making throughout trial and error. Both happens as Hi Jack always did in the context of making products, and human itself on the journey of finding their true self. We failed once, we learnt once, we failed another, we learnt another. There’s nothing such as end in smoke. Abim believes in Rei Kawakubo’s principal, that a collaboration should happens by one plus one equals three. There won’t be a real collaboration if one plus one equals two. It’s applied in NOISE x Hi Jack Sandals, this collaboration is adequately represents Noise itself without throwing out Hi Jack’s main characteristics in materials, shapes, and design. It’s a one plus one equals three.

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