Whatever it takes,

We would do anything to defend our life and deserve our rights. This, is the fight for our lives. Through beliefs we stand in, the armor was made of trust and love, in aim to help out all living creatures including us, to live out the best of our lives. Mind, body and soul, breathe and heart, life and death, all we can do best.


When the chaos rages on, and the aftermath cause everything shattered in places, your eyes too fogged to see the light, and minds were too cluttered to think right. We’ll be drawn to you and ready to be your shield whenever you need to rise back up again. Rise, to become a hero of your own league, whatever it is you’re defending.


A shield, isn’t a proof of fear. A shield was invented as token of a readiness. For it is complementing the battle we’re having onward. We’re here as your front line, upholding what’s right as best we may. In the faith of defending beside you, we were ready to risk it all.


Whatever it takes.


Shield Titan 


Shield Ronin 



Shield Danvers 

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