Local Invasion On Screen


We always follow what people wants through everything. From TV, internet, and any different media. Indonesia has so many tv stations. But only NET TV has a program to review, featured, and give you tips about fashions. There’re so many people know and dig fashion really deep. But not everyone can respect the local brand, and give support to a local brand like, for free.

Peoples absolutely knew about Ted Baker, how the product can make you feel like a superstar even you already are. Can you imagine what local brand especially in Indonesia compared to a brand as big as Ted Baker? Not a chance. But, can you think just a product not a brand? Well, Mr. Danang can. Danang known as a announcer, MC, Musician, and celebrity. He give us support without us knowing it. He doesn’t brag about what would he do about our brand, he just do it. In Ted Baker S/S 2015 exhibitions in Jakarta, he wear Hijacksandals as his partner. While everybody shows that they can buy and wear any other international brands, he just wear our product. Shows his love to local brand. Sir, you have our respect. We can’t thank any better, sir. You are a big guy with a big heart. We love you. Keep the shine shining on you. Cheers!

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