[dropcap3]It[/dropcap3] has been 5 years since Hijacksandals found a way to make people enjoy their life. For the last five years they always try to give a fun, lively, and new sight of life. For all five years, they always try to develop a product that can give you a life, to make a bonding with you through their sandals, and always try to give you the soul of the product. Hijacksandals always try to figure how they can combine the art of craftsmanship and do everything in fun way and bring it into one picture.

There are also exhibition of their past and latest products. This was a secret party that they held to show some people that really supported them for years and still here to back up each others. They want to show that the customer always be their reasons to always make a great products and accompany your life. Because being life companion is their mission.
To celebrate their 5th anniversary, Hijacksandals also want to introduce their new product. It’s called “Shin” or 心, means soul, mind, spirit. As its means, shin is build and developed using the brand’s soul. They want to brings all of their heart, any thoughts, ideas to steal the attentions, but you won’t lose the sincerity of the craftsmanship because, the beauty of the imperfections is the point to make you feel flawless.
Shin features the new designed upper that will make you feel your foot is a canvas, and the sandals itself will do the artwork to make your foot feel alive. The newly developed phylon footbed will support your activity that make you comfortable, and last but not least their signature sole with camouflage pattern will make you feel bold than invisible.

Video by : ananliansyah ( Room.51 Creative Agency )

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