Our annual year-end sale event is back! Last year Fishy Business was a hit and this year came up with a new theme: Hi Mart. This event was held on 25th, 26th, and 27th December 2019 at G.U. Gudang Utara No.40B. The layout of the place brings the atmosphere of a market where our sandals were displayed on shelves. 


Day 1


Fishy Business kicked off at Christmas Day on Wednesday, 25th of December, 2019. Hi Mart opens at 9 in the morning, crowds are already waiting outside the venue way before 9. There is quite a lot of enthusiasm by the look in their eyes and cannot wait to get their hands on our sandals. 


At 9 AM straight Hi Mart is finally open for visitors to shop inside. The first hour was packed by enthusiast visitors trying to get our discount sandals, racing their way to the nearest shelf. Our team at first were a little bit overwhelmed by the situation. But as the event progressed, we got it under control. 


Here we present our top-selling, discontinued, and old-stock sandals with reasonable prices to get. The likes of Alto, Jiro, Naka, and Astro that is considered as our best-selling products have a major cut-price. No wonder many people take this opportunity to buy our sandals at a cheap price point. 


Not just only our sandals, we also exhibit Hi Jack goodies such as patches, sticker packs, tote bags, and raincoats. Some of them were from our past releases such as Astro patch and Devi Nugraha sticker pack. 

Besides the excitement, Hi Mart also visited by many shopping entrusted goods services (Jasa Titip). On the first day, we realize that we were out of control regarding the people that provide Jastip and this becomes our concern and evaluation for the next 2 days. 


A light rain started to fall down, but it didn’t stop people from coming to the venue and there was no sign of stopping. Day 1 ended at 9 PM as Hi Mart officially closed. It was such a fun yet tiring day for all of us. 


Day 2 


The second day started at 9 AM straight and as always there is a long queue of people outside the venue. It seems that by being an early-bird they could get the sandals that they wanted. Hi Mart is open for the second day! The flow of the visitors was not as much as Day 1 and quite calm in the morning. But when afternoon comes, the flow of visitors came to Hi Mart, and on to the evening. 


Our team has re-stocked the shelves but in a matter of minutes, people just took all the sandals. There are 3 main sections in Hi Mart:

  1. Grade A sandals section 
  2. Grade B sandals section 
  3. Butcher section 

Our concern is still in the entrusted shopping goods service (Jastip) that still bothers us. To stop this we make a new rule for every visitor’s maximum getting 4 sandals for 1 transaction. Because it’s not fair for the others that are wanted to buy the sandals but got overtaken by Jastip. Due to the last day is Friday, Hi Mart will open at 13:00 PM after Jummah Prayers. 


Day 3 


Finally, it’s the last day of Fishy Business! just before we’re about to open the Hi Mart, the rain started falling down and become a thunderstorm. There were several people already outside the venue. Since the rain is getting bigger we invited them to come inside. Another problem that rises was a cut off electricity for a while but we manage to fix the problem. 


Around 13:30 Hi Mart is open and people slowly started to come. Knowing that this is the last day after the rain started to subside a huge number of people came flowing to Hi-Mart. Plus we have already prepared a massive stock of Alto to be restocked on the last day. From the afternoon to the evening there was no sign of slowing down from the visitors. Countdown to the last hour, the venue was still packed and our sandals slowly started to sell out. 


It’s a wrap! Fishy Business finished at 21:00 and Hi Mart is officially closed. It was a thrilling 3 day of sale excitement, thank you for stopping by Hi Mart and see you next year Fishy Business!


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