Timeless is the perfect word between the paisley pattern and sandals that could sustain for many centuries adapting through time existing in this world.

There is a huge impact on the fashion world and how it shaped the culture. Since we started wearing clothing, it’s been the primary way that people assert individual and tribal identity in public. What we wear is a reflection of who we are, where we come from, and who we are with. Fast forward to the 21st century, paisley and sandals have found themselves linger to various subcultures. 

Identity is more than one’s consciousness, it’s the character that we grew, that went through specific experiences, that build in us some certain way to react to the occurrence. 

Thus, we wanted to create a new timeless bond with Bluesville by combining our sandals with the paisley bandana. Every entity has its own time, but only a few of them that could survive and become an identity, a face or as a symbol. Both Paisley and Sandal have gone through a long journey becoming the symbol of the century.




Taken from the brightest core of a galaxy, which means that it always carries the ‘light of the tradition’ that could survive through decades after decades. Carrying a strong tradition with a contemporary approach. With Quasar, Hi Jack Sandals and Bluesville are creating a new legacy inside the history of sandals and paisley. 




An exclusive new sandal design combined with the Paisley pattern on the upper. To make it one of a kind and create an emotional feeling with it, each pair of sandals (exactly right and left) will have different Paisley pattern.


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