Socks and sandals

We all love what we do, don’t we? Even sometimes it just can’t fit in everybody, but you know, we can’t please everybody. This one of the most of our story that can’t fit in everybody, socks and sandals. Yes, you’re not mistaken. Socks and sandals. This is the most debatable subject ever! We knew our friend in another country and continent will against the idea about socks and sandals.

We brought up this issue when we did something together with @pattentgoods. After long talks, we finally want to make something real from #socksandsandals. Pattent goods agree with us about it. They also want to show you guys that socks and sandals is a real thing, some people will assume as “drop”, but for us do whatever you want to do is the real deal.

This is from us, with love, made by spirit of independent and #selflove. #hijackxpattent #socksandsandals

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