[blockquote3]“Apapun itu, kita tetap harus bergerak maju untuk melakukan apa yang kita suka”[/blockquote3] –

Everyone has rights to be alive, to feel more lively about what they do. To embrace them to reach that goals, we are here to show you that everyone deserves a chance to do something they really love. Livingsociety isn’t just a hashtag, or simple campaign. It’s about life. The real meaning of life, the life that make you live with what we love.

You always asking, is this true? Is the life that you’ve been seeking actually exist? We’re not sweet-talking you. Let the person explain himself, man that bring live by the path of livigsociety. Here is John Navid @unclejohn. Some know them behind the drum set, some know behind the viewfinder, but we know him as a livingsociety’s living proof. The rest, let the video speak, let the man himself give you the enlightment.
We want you to know the idea and try to live with it, have fun with it, and live it.

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