The True Color – KATO LITE

This line captures how Hi Jack Sandals are supposed to be.
Bringing the color of our surroundings to implement them to our truest selves. The world gave us what we need, we just realize it now, it’s almost impossible to recreate nature, but at least we will show you what nature did to us.
The shape we have uncovered, the colors we embraced, and the soul which we have assembled into the creation of Hi Jack Sandals new face.
Grab onto the principles of “living the life” and assimilate into the tribe we call LIVING SOCIETY.


We present to you; our true self.
These are the true color of Hi Jack Sandals.




The sheer essence of sandals. Thousands of brands have their own take on this classic upper shape, which make it horrific and challenging at the same time to make it our own. Exactly the kinds of things we love, turning something that’s common to be our very own with the ingenuity that is our design.


– Bar Tack
We usually find this sewing technique on Denim. This Bar tack purpose beside for detailing is for strengthen the part of sewing.


– Hi-Flex Soles (Hi Jack Sandals Signature Ultra Flexible Soles)
This Hi-Flex features Anatomical-y correct to support your arch parts on your feet. Give enough air to sweaty feet/prevent hyperhidrosis with new Air Scoop Systems. We also build an edges cup to fit your feet paw perfectly.

– Hi Jack Sandals Neo Doam
This is only small parts on this sandal, but it’s really an great addition to function and details. Neo Foam place on ankle rest to minimize wound on back ankle and give comfort to it.


– Webbing Signature
We have upgraded our straps, the function not degrade we also added new color, our own color. You will never found this color on another products.

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