The True Color – ALTO

Things changing. They grow, static, or even vanished. We always find something new in colors. Some people consume color by it looks, meaning, or even taste. Color is a statement, a personality, a feeling. We responsible to make a color to wear, colors that can tease your sense. This is the final puzzle of The True Color. Alto.



Alto is one of (y)our favorite product until now. We want to give you everything on Alto. It’s like our own face. Alto always had special place in our heart, so this is the new Alto, the new face of us. The beginning of our new story.


– Bar Tack

We usually find this sewing technique on denim. This Bar Tack purpose beside for detailing is for strengthen the part of sewing.


– Hi-Phy Soles (Hi Jack Sandals Phylon Soles)

This Hi-Phy features the comfort cushion to support your feet. We also build an edges cup to fit your feet paw perfectly.


– Hi Jack Sandals Neo Foam

On previous Alto, we use Hi Jack Sandals Supreme Mesh, but in this new Alto we use different but similar material. Hi Jack Sandals Neo Foam. To let your feet breath and soft on your skin.

– Webbing Signature

We have upgraded our straps, the function not degrade we also added new color, our own color. You will never found this color on another products.


– YKK Buckle

We only trust the best. YKK had experienced in plastic parts and one of the best to make it. You in a great hand.

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