Hi Jack Discuss is a new journal feature from Hi Jack Sandals where we mainly have a chat with our team and talk about anything. In this first edition, meet Ilyas, a.k.a Mangsky, our deep-voiced, bearded, kinda scary at first sight, Admin. But behind the tough-looking appearance, Ilyas is a friendly and big spirited guy. From beards to fashion, how DOMINATE influenced him , and his views on Hi Jack’s latest campaign DUALITY – A Flux Paradox, let’s look through the discussion:



Hi! Ilyas a.k.a Mamang, so how’s life lately? Excited for this new year? 


Ilyas: I guess life is getting better, in its track I guess? There are times like around 2018 when I just graduated from college and still jobless back then but yeah in May 2019 I got this job here in Hi Jack Sandals. For this year, I feel pumped and looking forward to it since I’ve got a new job desk to handle Hi Jack Sandals’ consignment store. For Hi Jack, I think there are many exciting things to come in 2020.


Any morning rituals before you go to work? 


Ilyas: Well, I guess it’s pretty standard. I make a cup of coffee and have my morning cigarette to start the day. The rest is pretty normal.


How do you describe yourself? 


Ilyas: It’s the hardest thing I guess to describe our own self hahaha. Maybe introvert, a quiet guy, but eventually I could keep up with the current environment, not too open but not too inert also stay balance I guess. I think we should ask somebody else to describe me hahaha. But especially this year I’ve looked forward to new challenges in life.”


Since when you grew beards, no offense, just wondering…


Ilyas: My beards are all-natural hahaha, but there is one moment that I trimmed it all, but yeah I guess I’m enjoying having beards now. It grew since High School if I’m not mistaken and I keep it growing until now.




Please tell us your current heavy rotation or your current playlist? 


Ilyas: I listen a lot to Turnstile, an American hardcore punk band from Baltimore. My heavy rotation track would be Generator, good for the mood to start the day! But other than that, I listened to various musical genres, not just hardcore.


Your best song/music/artist/movie of the 2010s ?


Ilyas: The Adams! all of their albums and songs, very relatable for me throughout the past 10 years.


So what exactly do you do and your contributions to Hi Jack Sandals? 


Ilyas: Currently, I’m working as Hi Jack Sandals’ website admin and now I was given a new responsibility, a new job desk to handle Hi Jack’s consignment store.


Your favorite color tone or spectrum? 


Ilyas: Monochrome is my favorite, it suits my personality as well. My wardrobe mainly dominated in Black, White, Grey, and White color. I’m not too confident wearing vibrant colors haha.


When is the last time you remember your dreams? 


Ilyas: Wow, Dream, when was the last time that I remember my dream? Mmm, I forgot.


Tell us your child or hidden dream and fantasies? 


Ilyas: Hmmm… I guess I have no specific dream when I was a child, I’ll let it flow haha, oh maybe dreaming to be a Businessman.


Any expectations or resolutions or goals for this new year 2020? 


Ilyas: I think my goal in 2020 is to be more healthier, start exercising more. Start with a light exercise such as jogging perhaps. I know that this sounds cliche but yeah, I hope this year runs smoothly. But especially for Hi Jack Sandals, to get more exposure to the International world.


One word to describe the current Hi Jack Sandals 


Ilyas: Challenge.


Your favorite Hi Jack Sandals and why? 


Ilyas: Well… from the latest Duality series I would choose the Celtic Atomic Dawn! Even though it has a vibrant tangerine color, but somehow the upper straps parts resembles a military vibe, and that’s what I like the most!


Talking about the new Hi Jack Sandals Campaign: DUALITY-A Flux Paradox. What is DUALITY to you and how you see this campaign?


Ilyas: When I first heard the word DUALITY the word “Wild” came up to my mind. Because I think it’s between two different perspectives that contradicts each other produced from a wild exploration. Talking about the sandals, I guess it represent the DUALITY itself creating a new identity for the current Hi Jack. The shape for instance, Umbra is the tactical one, Manic is the simple one, and Celtic with the new color exploration. Finally, Hi Jack is started to have its own identity, taking a leap from its previous models that somehow people still connects it with other brands. Well there is nothing new under the sun, but having a strong identity is a challenging thing. Now Hi Jack is in the future with duality, the present represented with Astro, and the first models and travelling is the past.


Any words for Hi Jack Sandals and the whole team? 


Ilyas: I hope that the current Hi Jack Sandals team could keep the spirit work better together, because I think the workflow and what we should do is more structured. But the most important thing is to get wild in ideas to get the maximum potential from all of us.




This is the end of Hi Jack Discuss #1, it’s nice having a chat with Ilyas. Thank You for spending your time reading our Journal, really appreciate it, stay tune for the next Issue!


Hi Jack Sandals – 2020

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