The space journey is the final frontier of mankind. Since long ago, mankind has been wondering about life outside earth until finally in 1957 the Sputnik orbited the earth and started the space race.

Through it’s design and colors, we wanted to say that Everything’s Possible if you love what you do. We already knew that human creation and human itself has gone outer space. While at first it seems that outer space is something out of human race league.


Sputnik-1, the very first artificial Earth satellite, way before human has gone outer space, has called upon an unanticipated evolution which leads the world into the beginning of a new era of political, military, technological, and scientific development. That is the value that we want Astro Sputnik to have. What appears at first to be bad, into something that very good for us.

We love colors. Especially the one that’s rare and affect us on how we see life as a meaning. Iris is one of them. The Iris color and the Iris literal meaning (eye-red) are connected in our way of seeing something. Our life is full of ambiguation, every angle has its state of mind to interpret something, just like Dutch Iris (flowers). Yes, Iris derived from a name of Iris Flower, which comes in a broad spectrum of colors.


Iris itself is an ambiguous color term, usually referring to shades ranging from blue-violet to violet. However, in certain applications, it even has wider array of colors including pale blue, mauve, pink, and yellow (the inner part color of the Iris flower).

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