The True You


Text by Muhammad Azka Muharam

Photo by Reza Zulmi Yustisia

Video by Ovan Mustofa

To be true is to be you. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what age you are, how do you look. It’s something that lies within you. That part of you to embrace and reveal your true colors. Quintessential you. 

Here are six beautiful souls expressing their authentic selves with each personality, just like a cocoon waiting to be unveiled as a butterfly. Each has its own uniqueness.

The True You 


In line with the Persona Online Model Search, we introduce you to six remarkable women as new faces of Persona Management. Azizah, Fiorenza, Isabel, Melisa, Nisrina, and Nurrin have unique styles and personalities that lit each other up. We paired them with six different sandals that matched their styles and personalities. 

It’s something that lies within you. To be true is to be you.

Director: Tomy Herseta / Photographer: Reza Zulmi Yustisia / Videographer: Ovan Mustofa / Editor & Colorist: Ovan Mustofa / Stylist & Make Up Artist: Marsha D. Martha / Muse: Persona Management) / Studio: Ijay Gunawan / Graphic Designer: Galih Suryana & Harlan Gunawan / Copywriter: Muhammad Azka Muharam / Music: Tomy Herseta – Sustain the Culture


Fonts in Use: Alto Grotesk developed by Harlan Gunawan & Galih Suryana for Hi Jack Sandals