A place where magic was created at the beginning of our 24/7.


For years, we’ve shaped a culture of sandals in society. We care of what you needs and set our heart to accompany your day-to-day steps. If we took few steps back and wonder where are every magic was created in the beginning of our 24/7, it must be none other station but home.


These pair of sandals are made for your light steps the moment you open your eyes. A pad for your easy footsteps to the smell of morning coffee. At some moments in your 24 hours under the roof, you read books & hug your dogs, and other times you hustle and jug between piles of works. Every steps are counted, every steps are matter and we got you covered.


This is our new way to spend more time with you in a place where love is nesting called home.

This is our Homebody