The main purpose of PIÉCE existence is to be the living proof of the journey to sandal creation. From research, material sourcing, production, and campaign, we put all our heart to every inch of it.

The anatomy of PIÉCE Titan consists of Umbra Storm, Astro Sputnik, Thanos Purple, Celtic, and also pieces of the prototype from Phthalo and other unused materials.

The anatomy of PIÉCE Danvers consist of Celtic, Alto Grey, Astro Iris, Danvers Maroon and also pieces of prototype from some material resources which have not been used during the process of sandals’ creation.

The Cut & Paste technic is used to encapsulate every good memory during the process of creation and achieve the cycle of sustainable sourcing materials.

Why should PIÉCE be continued? Because nothing will ever be left behind inside our vault.


One day, we are thinking of the best solution to make the whole process sustainable. To create a cycle of production with the maximum effort of reducing waste and effective resource utilization. Through the endless exploration, we finally found out the effort that meets your needs. The urge to essential necessary during this difficult time led us to this conclusion, a new product category.

Now PIÉCE is officially part of us. The idea of cut & paste will be persistently sustained.