HOW TO: 5 Easy steps!

HOW TO: 5 Easy steps!



What is Hi Jack Sandals Gift Card?

Gift cards are products in the form of a particular value card issued by a brand or company as a substitute for money when making a purchase transaction for a product or service. Customers can usually use gift cards for purchases or transactions at the store that issued them and are valid for a certain period.

Hi Jack Sandals introduce gift cards that customers can use practically and efficiently. Use gift cards to buy sandals from our website.

What does the benefits of using Hi Jack Sandals Gift Card?

People usually use gift cards for gifts to others. By giving a gift card as a gift, the recipient can use the gift card to buy sandals of their own choice, so you don’t have to bother thinking about what items are suitable to give as gifts for them… And, it’s 15% cheaper! Good deals, right?


Hi Jack Gift Card are digital gift cards available in various attractive designs according to the recipient’s moment and character. The gift becomes even more special.

What does Hi Jack Sandals Gift Card can be used for?

You can use Hi Jack Gift Card to purchase every items* that available on the website of This gift card can only be used for single transaction and cannot be redeemed in order to purchase gift cards.

Does Gift Card could be used for SALE items?

Unfortunately, NO. The gift card is only can be use to other items that not on SALE.

How to redeem the gift card?
  1. Select your desire product (make sure you choose the correct size)
  2. Click “Add to Cart” and go to “Checkout” page if you are done
  3. On the top – below the coupon box, there’s a box to apply your Hi Jack Gift Card code
  4. Voila! Your item prices have been deducted!

(This gift card can only be used for single online transaction and cannot be redeemed to purchase gift cards.)

*In case you’re confused. Here’s a complete guide video for you about “How To Order” and “How To Redeem” our digital gift cards.

How long does the Gift Card validity period?

Hi Jack Gift Card has a validity period of 3 months from the purchase date.


(for example: purchased on April 1, 2021 will be expired on July 1, 2021)

Can gift cards that have been paid be refunded / returned?

Sorry, every Hi Jack Gift Card that has been purchased cannot be returned or refunded and it’s only valid for a single transaction only.