Südo, comes from the word of pseudo-reality. An apparent reality that is in fact, a delusion.

Years getting by, one problem blooms to ninety nine problems. The problem we used to have is different than we’re facing now, issues getting more serious it burdens us. Long time ago, when we fell of the bike, our significant laugh at us, and we followed to laugh at it. Now, do you realize when we fall of the cliff of our failure and others laugh at us, it feels such a shame for us? Why are we transforming into a very serious creature?


Hi Jack Sandals and Tahilalats want you to come and get up and see our own problems through another glasses. A thought of: a problem isn’t a problem, it’s a thing to be laugh at. Twist it, let’s use our imagination to respond our reality. Because the truth is, shit always happens and we just go with it! We’ve already got ninety nine problems, why bother to add one?