Tradition over fashion

Some of you will find this new. Some of you, that knew us from a long time ago, knew that we all back to our roots. We used to make everything from leather. We crazy about it, but lately we go far from it because we want you to wear it comfortably in every conditions, which you can’t have with leather. We think this is our time to reminiscing a good ol’ day. This one will gave you a picture of our past. We start everything from here, with bare hand construct this brand step by step.



Walker is one of our archive’s list. This is represent the reasons why we make sandals at the first place, because flip-flop is one of common footwear here in Indonesia. Because “Sustain the Culture” is our ground, we have to build and make something on it. Walker will show you the new shape with classical soul of Asian. Especially, Indonesia.



We made sandals not because it’s a thing, but because we need it, geographically. We made it not only for profit, but for caring and share our own culture. It’s made by Indonesian. The purest stuff from our hand, knowledge, and Experience. These are “The Roots”.