Kato Nylon

Nylon’s virtues make it more versatile to wear and safety. The color itself make it more interesting, reflecting how fun and lively you are. We also adding some materials to complete it. Neoprene lining will make your feet feel more comfort, the Hi Jack Sandals’s signature phylon foot-bed and rubber outsole will make you walk effortlessly. To give this beauty more strength, Hi Jack sandals’s signature plastic parts will be the bridge that connect every materials on it.

We want you to have fun, write a stories, and never stop exploring.

This is our very own Kato Nylon.

Designed to play outside, get a tan line, catch some dirt, and never stop exploring. This Kato made to share your story and happiness to the world. We upgrade this Kato with new materials. The prime material is Nylon.

This is the very first Nylon sandals in Indonesia.

Nylon has much of benefits. Nylon is a versatile engineered material, used in clothing of all types from top to toe. The fabric is recognized for being thin and flexible to wear, but also valued for its durability and toughness.

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