December 16, 2019 Hi Jack! Sandals

It’s a long and fun process of research by our team trying to come up with a fresh new idea. It took a while for us to gather many ideas from many creative minds, combining all the philosophy and simplify it into one word. We try to look for ideas that are near to ourselves as human beings, what is inside us, how are the inner workings of our mind and heart. Thus, the chosen word that rises above is Duality.

We discovered the pivotal phases in human life, duality is divided into 3 phases and in this first phase, we would like to discuss Alias.

Alias is where we have a desire to be something or somebody else. Everybody has their Alias, even your nickname also considered as an Alias. “The greatest battle we face as human beings are the battle to protect our true selves from the self and the world wants us to become.”

Think about the Alias you wear and commit to taking them off. Hold your gifts out to the world with no apology, no shame, and no regrets. As the old saying goes, every creature has its rightful place, and in that place it becomes beautiful. Umbra, Manic & Celtic represents the human Alias. You can be anyone or anything you desired with our sandals, without any hesitation needed.