Tokyobike x Hi Jack Sandals

Journey No. 2: The Last Ride

Tokyobike x Hi Jack Sandals. Journey No. 2: The Last Ride
August 30, 2018 summerayn

Our previous ride is fun. We finally explore and know each other well, that’s why we need new story. As you know, Tokyobike not only about riding around Tokyo, but it’s deeper, more about the principle. Tokyo Slow. They simply want you forget about the bicycle itself and enjoy the ride. Just like this story, it’s about the proses how we make this and what story we can share to you.

This is, maybe, our last journey together, but we won’t stop moving. We will always moving to find new stories and maybe someday we will meet again and start something newer, bigger, and more excited than this. Remember, through this collaboration with @tokyobikeid we want you to explore your own city, remember every place where you made some stories, explore them, appreciate life through #bikeandsandals. To all of you around Bandung, you can visit our store and take a look the collaboration product and Tokyobike’s Bicycle or simply want to test ride.

Please let us show you the Journey No. 2: The last ride. #hijacksandalsxtokyobike