The Co-action

Stockroom presents the coaction

The Co-action
May 15, 2018 Hi Jack! Sandals

Stockroom has been great partner to us since the beginning.
To celebrate their anniversary,
Stockroom presents the coaction.

1. compulsion; restraint; coercion.
2. concerted action; acting together.

The Coaction will also involve another brand like AYE Denim, Oldblue, Jackhammer, Fume, Revolt, Junkard, USC, and LBB. We will make our one-of-a-kind product, collaboration product, and in-store limited product. Each brand have the same spirit, vision, and goals. We are not just happy, we are proud to be the part of this movement.

They claimed that the Coaction is a joint movement. A mutual act. Towards the same direction.
Towards the same cause. This more than just a regular collaboration. As a local brand, we’re not doing it so well at first. There are always skeptical about what we’re doing, but not Stockroom. They always had our back since day one. We always had the mutual relationship, the brotherhood, and always support each other.

When they contact us about The Coaction, we’re totally in. It’s not just a collaboration, it’s all about make a story together. Claiming our ground. We stand as local industry that can be a King in their own land. This is not just about collaboration, it is a movement, mutual act, and going towards same direction.

Hi Jack Sandals itself will make a collaboration product with Stockroom. Based on our same spirit of craftsman-ship, we pick one of our archive to make this product, BORO. Boro is a double monk-strap slider, we use Crazy horse Leather as the upper. The simple and tough look to embrace the special day of Stockroom. Features leather lining insole and Hi Jack Sandals signature’ Microtech sole to complete this piece. We made it from leather, because this material is our basic material when we start this business. Leather also show that we will have this long-lasting time together and ready to reach our goals together.

It is not just about business,

it’sbout write a history together.